September 7, 2012, Kosmos rebranding - we have liftoff

Rebranding is definitely a trend, and a fashionable word to mention in your corporate news bulletin. It is a smart way to keep the attention of customers and impress the clients, used nowadays by everyone from a mobile operator to a manufacturer of compound feed. Usually the changes affect only the design and visual communication side of the brand, “trying on a new suit” so to speak. The choice Kosmos has made here goes far beyond the general trend. We and our brand have changed, first of all, from the inside.

Rebranding is not the best way to explain what has been going on in the life of Kosmos for the past two years. It would be quite sincere and honest to say that it is a change for the better. We mean structural transformation in everything that matters starting from a crucial renovation of business processes and the approach to creating a product up to an ergonomic modern look. Want more details? No problem...

So, let’s talk about the business processes. How do we create the products you can see on the store shelves? We do it solely according to the fundamentals of our slogan "Designed in Russia" and that is what makes us feel proud of our goods. Our future product is created on the inspiration of our customers, clients and consumers. We strictly follow their needs, expectations and preferences. Are you willing to pay more for high-quality innovations? What does efficiency mean to you? Covering a lot of questions like these, we turn your needs and requirements into sample items here in Russia. And of course, we work with the best specialists of innovation and modern technology in doing so.

Our search for perfection then drives us on to designing the packing – the first thing examined by the customer once he or she picks up the product from the store shelf. We are doing all our best to make you enjoy the process of buying as well as get a true delight from the result of your purchase when you choose us. Our stylish, bright, highly informative and convenient package firmly stands out among those of other competitors.

It is not easy to get an approval for being our authorized production site. In addition to our own strict selection, there is also independent quality control made by an international organization of a European level.

Next comes improved logistics of our products achieved by a thorough optimization of delivery routes. Gradually we keep creating new channels of distribution and have already established an optimum assortment range for you, our valued customers and clients. So now when you visit your neighborhood store you can easily find our products on the store shelves and choose exactly what you are searching for in any of our product categories.

When it comes to packing and marketing in general, most of us know well that no one starts any capital repairs from decorating walls, but at the end of the day, it is just as important as any other repair job. We at Kosmos pay special attention to the appearance of our product and its package. With that end in view we invite well-known consultants and renowned designers. The new logo and other elements of corporate identity have been renovated and modernized with the help of leading European studios. And quite soon you will be able to get a closer look at them. The first product of a completely new range of products is...

Meet our “CFL Kosmos SPC”, or just a friendly neighborhood Kosmos lamp for you. You are also very welcome! Surely, you will appreciate the appearance of the new item - modern informative graphics on the package highlights the key characteristics in order to simplify the selection process, and the special window clearly demonstrates the type of the lamp cap. All of this would allow you to pick exactly the lamp you are looking for. Now you can never go wrong! While the colored inner part of the package looks bright as the lamp itself thus adding a nice modern note to the product image.

Advantages such as a new production plant, which is the largest certified European-level factory, enhanced product performance and an up-to-date assortment line seem evident and expected, but what is really a nice surprise is our steadily reasonable price.

What is remarkable in our new lamp? It is brighter, more durable, more compact and more energy efficient. In short: “quicker, higher and stronger” as the Olympic motto says. The lumen/watt ratio is by 25% more than for a conventional CFL. We've increased the lifetime of the lamp from 8 000 hours up to 10 000 hours and due to the selection of the optimum components our lamp is now available of a more compact size. The full list of the advantages of our lamp will make an impressive list, so let’s present a few of them including some additional information on its structure.

Let's start with the plastic case. It never turns yellow over time and does not emit harmful substances when is heated, and air vents in it help the electronic circuit keep cool extending the lifetime of the lamp. Owing to high quality the fluorescent tubes produce more than 70 lm per W, thus they have become much brighter. Appositely, the tubes do not contain liquid mercury, which means that a lamp is completely safe for humans and the environment. The heart and soul of a lamp are its PCB and electronics. The most high-tech brazing and optimally designed electronics are used here. The thermistor gradually warms up the electrodes and this significantly extends the lifetime of the lamp when it is turned on and off repeatedly. The result of these complex details together with our own technological know-how is quite palpable as our lamp doesn’t blink. In addition, it is provided with a cutoff in case of overload and short circuit. Besides an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter blocks the electromagnetic field (EMF) making our lamp safe and convenient to be used near all household appliances and in the presence of people.

Surely, we can talk about our brainchild for hours but as they say, it is better to see it once with your own eyes. Very soon you will be presented the entire family from 9 to 25 watts of energy consumption (replacements for conventional bulbs from 45 to125 W of energy consumption respectively). Note the marking of a lamp cap: yellow is ideal for warm cozy lighting in a kitchen or living rooms; both neutral white and blue, which is the coldest one, are right for working places.

Now you know a bit more about what we have been obsessed about, worked on and aimed for these last few years. Vladimir Mayakovski, a great Russian poet jointed the company’s efforts as well and put a revolutionary spirit for our lamps creating a convincing motto to keep it following.

Just bring the lights

And light the things,

And do it all the seasons!

To light without any clicks

And never stop for reasons!

His words proved more than a little prescient.

We do hope you had fun. Bye for now and ... see you by the store shelves!