Alkaline batteries
What is the general shelf life of an alkaline battery?

It is around 5-7 years.

What is the main difference between alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries?

1. Alkaline batteries have much higher capacities compared to zinc batteries (up to 10 times h higher) – they are better fit for higher-drain devices .

2. Alkaline batteries have a longer shelf life compared to zinc batteries and lower self-discharge.

3. Alkaline batteries can work at lower temperatures than zinc carbon.

4. Zinc batteries are prone to leaks while alkaline batteries are not.

Zinc-Carbon batteries
What is the shelf life of a zinc carbon battery?

It is around 3 years.

Which devices should I use zinc carbon batteries in?

Zinc carbon batteries are your best choice for low-drain devices such as clocks, portable radios and remote controls. For higher drain devices such as cameras, photoflashes, motor devices etc. it is better to use alkaline batteries.

Rechargeable batteries
Are there any devices I shouldn't use rechargeable batteries in?

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for use in devices where batteries are not replaced often such as smoke detectors, remote controls and flashlights used in emergency cases only.

Do I have to remove my rechargeable batteries from the charger right after the charging process is completed?

Yes, if the charging process does not stop automatically on your charger, it is best to do so. Overcharging may damage your rechargeable batteries.

Do Kosmos rechargeable batteries need to be charged before first use?

Yes, our rechargeable batteries are supplied discharged.

Do Ni-MH batteries have a "memory effect"? Do I have to discharge them before the next charging cycle?

No, they do not have a "memory effect" and can be charged at any time convenient.

Do rechargeable batteries have to be charged often?

All in all rechargeable batteries tend to work up to 4 times longer in high-drain devices, though when not in use rechargeable batteries may gradually discharge.

How many times can I charge a Ni-MH rechargeable battery?

Kosmos rechargeable batteries can be recharged hundreds of times when used in normal conditions. The total number of recharge cycles is determined by a series of factors including usage and storage conditions. Try to avoid overcharging – it may lower the battery’s overall lifetime.

Kosmos rechargeable batteries maximum capacity is 2800mAh. What does this mean?

The larger the battery capacity the more the battery would work until the next discharge.

Rechargeable batteries tend to heat during charging. Should it be so?

It is absolutely normal for rechargeable batteries to heat while charging due to the energy flowing through it. The faster the charging process the more the battery tends to heat. After the charging process is completed the battery will cool off within a few minutes.

What is the difference between a Ni-MH and a Ni-Cd battery?

Both have a 1,2V voltage and both are recommended in use for similar devices. However Ni-MH batteries are more modern, eco-friendly, and have higher capacities. Also they have no "memory effect" unlike Ni-Cd batteries.

What is the difference between an ordinary and a rechargeable battery?

Ordinary batteries power emissions are based on irreversible chemical reactions – they cannot be charged up again. The reactions in rechargeable batteries are reversible and therefore allow the battery to be used several times. Alkaline and zinc carbon batteries are ordinary.

What is the difference between ordinary and rechargeable batteries? Why are rechargeable batteries more expensive than ordinary ones?

Rechargeable batteries can be re-used up to 1000 times, while ordinary (primary) batteries are disposable. Also higher capacity rechargeable batteries tend to last longer and be more eco-friendly than ordinary batteries.

What is the general shelf life of a Ni-MH rechargeable battery?

It is around 5-7 years. After prolonged storage it is recommended to conduct several full charge-discharge cycles to “clear away” the battery’s memory effect and achieve maximum capacity.

Why do I have to discharge Ni-Cd batteries before charging them?

This is because Ni-Cd batteries have a "memory effect" - in case the battery had not been fully discharged during use the next time is charges its capacity will slightly decrease (the part of the battery that was not discharged cannot receive or give out energy until full discharge).

Как рассчитать время заряда аккумулятора?

Для расчета времени заряда используется следующая формула: t= 1.3*( ёмкость аккумулятора / ток заряда )

Are Kosmos chargers compatible with rechargeable batteries of other brands?

Yes. Though of course Kosmos can not guarantee the quality, safety and usability of other batteries, this is why we recommend using Kosmos rechargeable batteries.

Are there any general issues I should know when using a charger?

There are several general rules to be noted:

· Never charge any other batteries except rechargeable.

· Try not to charge new and older batteries together in a pair, even if they are of identical type and capacity.

· Make sure the charger is safe from water.

· Do not try to dismantle the charger.

· Do not store rechargeable batteries inside the charger.

· Do not allow children near a working charger.

Batteries of what capacity can I charge in Kosmos chargers?

You can charge batteries of any capacity, as long as you make sure both batteries in a pair are of identical capacity and type.

Can I charge Ni-Cd and Ni-MH together?

No. Each pair of batteries charged together should be of identical type, size and capacity.

Can I charge ordinary batteries using my charger?

No. Standard batteries can not be recharged by any known device. Moreover the process may damage the charger.

Can I use an old charger for Ni-Cd batteries for new Ni-MH batteries?

It is not recommended to do so – older chargers were not meant for higher capacities and therefore cannot ensure a complete charge for Ni-MH batteries.

Can Kosmos chargers be used in other countries?

Yes, they can be used in every county with 220-230V AC inputs and a 50/60Hz current (European standard).

How do I know by batteries are fully charged?

There are various functions that help indicate this, such as a LED indicator that lights up once charging is complete or a built-in LCD-monitor. All of these functions are described in the charger’s user manual. For more simple models that are not equipped wit such functions you would need to estimate the charging time and turn it off manually. The general charging formula (charging in average conditions) is:

Charge time = battery capacity / charging current *1,3

How does the “temperature control” function work?

It turns off the charger in case of battery overheating. This is an additional safety mechanism.

My charger is equipped with a switching function – I can switch between the 2-battery and 4-battery modes. What does this mean?

This means you can charge either 2 or 4 identical batteries simultaneously. Make sure the batteries are of the same type, capacity, discharge level and brand.

What are “fast” and “slow” charging modes?

Some chargers are equipped with a function that allows to select the battery charging mode: slow speed means lower charging currents and is best for low capacity batteries as well as other batteries if you wish to increase their overall lifetime. The optimal charging current is the battery capacity divided by 10. The fast mode would help you save a lot of time on charging but may decrease the number of possible recharge cycles to 500.

What is the purpose of the LCD-display on my charger?

The LCD-display allows to monitor the charging process. You can see the charging progress and remove the batteries once the monitor shows 100%.

What is the purpose of the “discharge” function?

This would be a helpful function if you are using Ni-Cd batteries with a “memory effect” – in time they tend to lose part of their capacity because of it, and discharging them allows to get rid of the “memory effect”. Compared with Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteries has a significantly lower “memory effect”, but the discharge function can still help “refresh” them in general.

What is the purpose of the “dV charge control” function in my charger?

This means the charger controls the charging process and prevent s the batteries from overcharging.

What is the purpose of the “reverse polarity protection” function?

This means the charger will not work unless the batteries are installed correctly, thus protecting is from damage that may be cause by reverse polarity.

What is the “protection from a poor battery” function do?

This means the charger detects ordinary batteries installed in it and does not begin the charging process unless rechargeable batteries are put in.

What is the “safety timer” in my charger for?

It turns off the charger after a fixed period of charging time. This is an additional safety mechanism.

Note: when charging high capacity batteries with a charger equipped with a safety timer, the charging process may be stopped before the battery reaches full capacity. It is best to use faster and higher current chargers when charging such batteries.

Will my charger continue to charge the same batteries to their maximum capacity even in 5 years time?

No. Rechargeable batteries gradually lose par of their capacity.

Для чего нужен режим Test?

Для проверки степени заряженности аккумуляторов и батарей, при этом должен использоваться только первый (левый) слот.

Как понять, что аккумулятор полностью заряжен?

Включите прибор в розетку. LCD дисплей показывает статус заряда. Процесс начинается с «быстрой» зарядки, на дисплее горит слово «Fast». После заряда аккумулятора на 75% устройство переходит на «медленный» заряд, при этом на дисплее горит «Slow». Когда аккумулятор полностью зарядится, индикатор заряда на дисплее перестает мигать. Как только элементы питания достигают полной зарядки, происходит процесс подзарядки аккумулятора малым током.
Извлеките элементы питания из зарядного устройства по окончании полного заряда.
Примерное время заряда составляет около 1,4 часов для 1 или 2 аккумуляторов типоразмера АА (1300мАч).

Как работает таймер отключения?

Включите прибор в сеть питания (розетку). Включение четырех светодиодных индикаторов красного цвета свидетельствует о начале процесса зарядки. После окончания зарядки аккумуляторов, светодиодные индикаторы погаснут. Каждый светодиод отвечает за свой аккумулятор. Если он не будет светиться, значит, аккумулятор неисправен или неправильно установлен. Также светодиодные индикаторы не будут светиться при отсутствии элементов питания в зарядном устройстве.

Как узнать, что в режиме разрядки аккумулятор разрядился?

Для проверки заряженности/разряженности элемента питания следует использовать режим ТЕСТ. В режиме разрядки узнать нельзя.

Скажите, как определить: зарядились ли аккумуляторы, должен ли гаснуть индикатор зарядки после окончания заряда?

Свечение красного LED индикатора означает процесс заряда, при полной зарядке загорается зелёный индикатор и зарядной устройство переходит в режим подзарядки малым током.
У каждой зарядки для соответствующего типа аккумуляторов определено время заряда

Таблица времени заряда КОС501
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (ч)
Ni-MH/Ni-Cd AAA 400 4,3
    600 5
    800 8,7
    900 9,8
    1000 10,9
    1100 12
  АА 1500 16,3
    1900 20,6
    2300 25
    2500 27
    2700 29,2
    2800 30
  9V 200 16,3
Таблица времени заряда КОС503
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (ч)
Ni-MH AAA 400 1,8
    600 2,7
    800 3,6
    900 4,2
    1000 4,6
    1100 5
  АА 1500 6,9
    1900 8,8
    2300 10,7
    2500 11,5
    2700 12,6
    2800 13
Таблица времени заряда КОС505
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (ч)
      1-2шт 3-4шт
Ni-MH AAA 400 1 2
    600 1,6 3,1
    800 2 4,1
    900 2,3 4,7
    1000 2,6 5,3
    1100 2,9 5,7
  АА 1500 1,6 3,25
    1900 2 4,1
    2300 2,5 5
    2500 2,7 5,4
    2700 2,9 5,8
    2800 3 3
Таблица времени заряда КОС505
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (ч)
      1-2шт 3-4шт
Ni-MH AAA 400 1 2
    600 1,6 3,1
    800 2 4,1
    900 2,3 4,7
    1000 2,6 5,3
    1100 2,9 5,7
  АА 1500 1,6 3,25
    1900 2 4,1
    2300 2,5 5
    2500 2,7 5,4
    2700 2,9 5,8
    2800 3 3
Таблица времени заряда КОС509
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) «Быстрая» зарядка (ч) «Медленная» зарядка(ч)
Ni-MH/Ni-Cd AAA 400 2,6 5,2
    600 3,9 7,8
    800 5,2 10,4
    900 5,9 11,8
    1000 6,5 13
    1100 7,1 14,2
  АА 1500 9,8 19,6
    1900 12,4 24,8
    2300 15 30
    2500 16,3 32,6
    2700 17,6 35,2
    2800 18,2 36,4
  С 2500 16,3 32,6
    4000 26 52
  D 7500 48,8 98
    10000 65 130
  9V 200 16,3
Таблица времени заряда КОС515
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (ч)
Ni-MH/Ni-Cd AAA 400 1
    600 1,8
    800 2,1
    900 2,3
    1000 2,6
    1100 2,9
  АА 1500 3,9
    1900 4,9
    2300 6
    2500 6,5
    2700 7
Таблица времени заряда КОС516
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (мин)
Ni-MH/Ni-Cd AAA 400 21
    600 30
    800 42
    900 46
    1000 52
    1100 57
  АА 1500 43
    1900 55
    2300 66
    2500 72
    2700 78
    2800 81
Таблица времени заряда КОС519
Тип аккумулятора Типоразмер аккумулятора Ёмкость (мАч) Время заряда (ч)
Ni-MH/Ni-Cd AAA 400 3,5
    600 5
    800 7
    900 8
    1000 8,6
    1100 9,5
  АА 1500 13
    1900 16,5
    2300 20
    2500 21,5
    2700 23,5
    2800 24
Что обозначает индикатор "Disch"?

Этот индикатор обозначает режим разряда аккумуляторов.

Данная функция есть в моделях: KOC509KOC503

Что обозначают светодиодные индикаторы?

Свечение красного LED индикатора означает процесс заряда. После включения прибора в сеть питания (розетку). Однократное мигание зелёного и красного LED индикатора означает включение зарядного устройства.

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